The Silver Antelope Award

An experienced business professional and public servant, Brian L. Kasal is also a longtime member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). He also has served as a volunteer trustee of the National BSA Foundation Advisory Committee and a member of the BSA Central Region Board of Directors. In 2011, the BSA honored Brian Kasal with its prestigious Silver Antelope Award.

Established in 1942, the Silver Antelope Award is a product of the BSA and its National Court of Honor. The Award is bestowed at the regional level to registered scout leaders of “exceptional character who have provided distinguished service.”

Individuals who wish to recommend a local BSA leader for the Silver Antelope Award can complete an online nomination form and submit it electronically to their regional council. After vetting the candidate, regional BSA councils forward the form to the National Court of Honor.

Silver Antelope Awards are presented on a yearly basis in conjunction with the BSA National Annual Meeting each May. In addition to awarding certificates, regions give Silver Antelope Award winners an official medallion suspended from an orange and white ribbon knot, a lapel pin for civilian attire, and a ceremonial knot for the BSA uniform that is worn just above the left pocket.


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